How to build a current Linked Open Data Cloud image

1. Download all metadata about datasets already stored in
Use this script

to get a void.ttl file

2. Load void.ttl into your RDF storage server (I use Sesame)

3. Make this query

PREFIX rdfs:<;
PREFIX foaf:<;
PREFIX tag:<;
PREFIX owl:<;
PREFIX xsd:<;
PREFIX void:<;
PREFIX rdf:<;
PREFIX skos:<;
PREFIX dcterms:<;

select * {
?s a void:Linkset.
?s void:linkPredicate skos:exactMatch.
?s void:objectsTarget ?otarget.
?s void:subjectsTarget ?starget.
?s void:triples ?triples.
4. Export results of this query as N-triples
5. Download
6. Open file index.html in your browser. Inside text area field, paste
all n-triples you have already exported.
7. That is all. You must have your own LOD - Cloud :)