Latex drawing editor? Use Latexit!

I came across with <a href="">Latexit</a&gt; while I was doing some pictures for my presentation. It is not a full drawing editor but it can be useful if you are going to work with <a href="">TikZ</a&gt; to draw pictures. It is usefull because it avoids to make a full render of your latex document each time you want to see the picture you working with. Then, you focus in your picture and when you have done, copy your code and paste to your latex document. Furthermore, you can drag your image to your file explorer and it will be stored as a image inmediately.

To start, you must add these lines to your header (perhaps you will need to add more lines according your problem). Go to Body Templates -> Preambles

\usetikzlibrary{shapes.geometric} % required for the ellipse shape
\usetikzlibrary{arrows, backgrounds, calc, hobby, positioning}

Next, put your code in text area editor and you will see your pictures above while you code your stuffs. :)

<strong>Important: </strong>
Just work in MacOS X :(