easyrdf-bundle, a Symfony bundle for EasyRDF

I just published a forked Symfony bundle for EasyRDF [https://github.com/asanchez75/easyrdf-bundle](https://github.com/asanchez75/easyrdf-bundle) It is a forked version from conjecto/easyrdf-bundle. It implements autoload for psr-4 and add a parameter to initialize the Client service. ### Usage * Add to your composer.json the following lines ```json "repositories": [ { "type": "vcs", "url": "https://github.com/asanchez75/easyrdf-bundle.git" } ], "require": { "conjecto/easyrdf-bundle": "dev-master as 0.1" }, ``` * Launch composer update inside your Symfony Application * Define a global parameter sparql_endpoint in your file app/config/config.yml ``` parameters: sparql_endpoint: http://localhost:8890/sparql ``` Be aware that the parameter %sparql_endpoint% is used in the file [https://github.com/asanchez75/easyrdf-bundle/blob/master/Resources/conf…](https://github.com/asanchez75/easyrdf-bundle/blob/master/Resources/conf…) * Add the bundle to your file app/AppKernel.php ``` new Conjecto\Bundle\EasyRdfBundle\EasyRdfBundle(); ``` * Load your service as follows ``` $sparql = $this->get('easyrdf.sparql.connection'); $select = 'select * {?s ?p ?o} limit 100'; $rows = $sparql->query($select); ```