Virtuoso performance

Prevent Limits of Sorted LIMIT/OFFSET query

SELECT ?p ?s
      FROM <>
          ?s ?p <>
        } ORDER BY ASC(?p)
OFFSET 50000
LIMIT 1000

RAID 10 vs Virtuoso striping. What is the best for IO performance?

Backward chaining


Efficient Use of SQL - SQL Execution profiling

profile ('SELECT COUNT (*) from ct_c a, ct_c b WHERE a.k2 = b.k1 option (loop, order)');


CPU load goes up to 100% when Virtuoso runs its look up processing

Virtuoso.ini param

How to Update Large SPARQL Data avoiding due to database checkpoint abortion?

Translate and Analyze modes for analyzing sparql queries

The “MaxQueryCostEstimationTime"param should never be set in the INI file

Compiling and configuring Virtuoso

Upgrading to the latest Virtuoso git develop/7 branch which is a 07.20.3219

Returns statistics for a running server as a result set


Virtuoso 7 typically requires 10GB RAM per billion triples,

What is the storage cost per triple?

Virtuoso.ini settings parameters

Performance diagnostics

IO Bound

Configuring Virtuoso for Scale

Performance Tuning Virtuoso for RDF Queries by using RDF indexes