JDBC connection to Virtuoso under LOG4JDBC

In the following I describe two ways to connect. You must have already checked this page for more information.

The JDBC driver is available under the folder


assuming you have already cloned the git repository from here

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virtjdbc4_1.jar299.42 KB 299.42 KB

Exporting CSV data from Virtuoso

To export csv

cbw.DBA.csvExport('SELECT * FROM cbw.DBA.mytable', '/Users/asanchez75/Trash/instances.csv');

To import csv
csv_load_file('/Users/asanchez75/Trash/myfile.csv',0, null, 'cbw.DBA.mytable');

You must create the procedure before

create procedure
exmo.DBA.csvExport( IN in_query VARCHAR, IN filename VARCHAR )

declare query varchar;
query := split_and_decode(in_query,0,'%');