About me

This is the homepage of Adam Sanchez Ayte, a peruvian R&D software engineer with doctoral studies in the University of Grenoble.

Currently, I am working in the University of Grenoble as software engineer in GRICAD. Before, I worked in INRIA, FAO, CONDESAN and INICTEL.

My main interests are related with web information systems and how to use it to disseminate knowledge around the world to benefit the mankind.

As researcher, I am focused in Knowledge Representation field and its evolution. 

As devops, I use Docker and Kubernetes intensively.

As engineer I like to work with all kind of databases: relational and non-sql databases and how they work together.

In particular, I enjoy to work with RDF triplestores, graph databases and document-oriented databases.

Also, I  have experience managing Linux servers like Debian, Centos and Ubuntu.  

Finally, as developer I am familiar with programming languages like Java, Python, PHP and Javascript and with frameworks like Drupal, Symfony and Angular.