How to make a two column responsive row using SASS

  1. Let's create a file named _ncolumns.scss with this mixin inside
@mixin ncolumns($items_classname, $item_classname, $min-width, $gutter, $last-equal: false, $max-cols: 2) {
  .#{$items_classname} {
    display: flex;
    flex-wrap: wrap;
    margin-left: -$gutter;
    margin-top: -$gutter;

    .#{$item_classname} {
      flex: 1 0 $min-width;
      margin-left: $gutter;
      margin-top: $gutter;

      @if $last-equal {
        @for $i from 2 through $max-cols {
          $screen-width: ($min-width*$i)+($gutter*$i);
          $column-width: (1

Added a customized theme to Panelizer in Drupal 7

  1. Put in your module file MODULE_NAME.module
 * Implements hook_ctools_plugin_directory().
function MODULE_NAME_ctools_plugin_directory($module, $plugin) {
  return 'plugins/' . $plugin;
  1. Create a folder plugins/layouts inside your module folder MODULE_NAME

  2. Inside plugins/layout create your customized layout, for example twocol21

Create the following files inside the folder twocol21


Delete lines in a text file that contain a specific string and In-place edits with sed on OS X

To remove the line and print the output to standard out:

sed '/pattern to match/d' ./infile

To directly modify the file:

sed -i '/pattern to match/d' ./infile

To directly modify the file (and create a backup):

sed -i.bak '/pattern to match/d' ./infile

For Mac OS X users:

sed -i '' '/pattern/d' ./infile
sed -i '' 's/oldword/newword/' file1.txt
      ^ note the space

Add a line at the beginning of a file


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My main interests are related with web information systems and how to use it to disseminate knowledge around the world to benefit the mankind.

As researcher, I am focused in Knowledge Representation field and its evolution. 

As devops, I use Docker and Kubernetes intensively.